How It Works


STEP 1: Sign Up and create a User profile.

This contains your user profile and the Pick-Up spot for your order. New Pick-Up locations will continuously be added as Boston Dabba grows. Don’t worry, we are coming to you sooner than later! Want us to deliver to your location? Let us know in the comments!

STEP 2: Login and Order

Choose from a variety of Dabba options that suits your taste or mood for the day! You can order items for the next day or any day ahead! Orders are accepted till 11:59pm on the current day to get your Dabba delivered the next day.

STEP 3: Pick-Up your Dabba

You will receive your order summary for your Dabba as soon as the payment is done. Deliveries are always scheduled between 12 and 1pm. Your Boston Dabbawala will send you a reminder 10 min prior to your pick-up time. Your Order Summary contains a bar-code which validates your Dabba order, show this on your phone to the Dabbawala to pick up your order. Consider the environment, you don’t have to print!

STEP 4: Please Recycle your box

Remember your Dabba is Microwave Safe! (exception: The Styrofoam Box)

Lunch!, Most important part of your day! Be it with friends, family or by yourself, indulge in your delicious Dabba and let us know how it was! Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!